Marketing in a Globalised World

EMIB / Executive Master in International Business


Chris Halliburton


Master of Science in Economics
London Campus

Course Objectives

Marketing in a Globalised World

  • Learn to distinguish between marketing as a function, a process and a philosophy; learn how to describe marketing mix elements and to demonstrate the meaning of a customer-led business
  • Learn to demonstrate the roles played by consumers in the buying decision process in your organization and to outline the main components of a marketing plan within your organization
  • Show how your organization can segment a market using appropriate criteria and learn to identify the various positioning strategies for targeting a selected market
  • Learn to explain how to approach a new product development process (NPD) and the pros & cons of the product life cycle (PLC) concept; learn to demonstrate the importance of strong brands and how to apply a brand framework for brand analysis
  • Learn to articulate the importance of pricing strategy for the long-term survival of an organization and to apply the main methods forpricing
  • Learn to explain the different ways that companies select and manage their distribution channels, and to outline some of the key trends in retailing
  • Learn to outline the main communication tools, both traditional and more recent, that companies can use, and to illustrate the importance of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC); learn to constructively critique your own organization’s communications approach and assess its degree of integration

Course Contents

Marketing in a Globalised World

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Analyzing the international marketing environment
  • International marketing strategy
  • Product & Branding decisions
  • Pricing decisions
  • Distribution channel decisions & retailing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Communication (IMC) decisions

Course Credits

Marketing in a Globalised World


Video Presentation of the Course

Marketing in a Globalised World

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